Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kalin Lucas

If you're reading this, then I probably know you, and you're reading this because you're being nice. Thank you. If I don't know you, you might as well keep reading since you're already here. Maybe you'll learn something. Probably not, but you won't know until you finish. I'm writing this because I need somewhere to talk about sports. My family is sick of listening and my classmates just don't care.

Let me elaborate on that. The majority of my senior class, composed primarily of boys, wouldn't care about sports even if all the athletes looked like this. Instead, they watch Star Trek and talk about Macs. And that's okay. Strange, but okay. I have a class full of nerds. They know it, I know it, and none of us have any problems with it. What I do have a problem with, though, is what they think of me and my appreciation of sports. In most schools, a 17 year old girl who watches football with a bowl of chips and yells at the refs during basketball games might be someone worth talking to. Here, I'm a nerd. A sports nerd. After three years, I still fail to grasp this concept. Sports and nerd are polar opposites. Black and white. Cat and dog. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. They just don't go together. Nevertheless, if such a thing actually existed (which it doesn't), I guess I'm one.

Basically, I'm going to use this blog to discuss sports events that are happening right now. Like football coach Rich Rod being fired from the University of Michigan. Not a surprise, but, personally, I liked what Rodriguez did with the program. Of course, both of my parents graduated from Michigan State University and since the Spartans beat them every year under Rich Rod and his poor recruiting has led to better in-state recruiting for MSU, I might be a little biased. (I'll try not to let that influence me too much. I think I'm doing well so far; I resisted the urge to refer to them as scUM).

Which brings me to the football flop of the Big Ten. This year's resolution? Don't think National Champ or more teams in bowl games. Next year, the Big Ten should just aim to not be outscored 268-198. Originally, I thought that Nebraska joining would be a good thing for the League, but since they lost 19-7 to Washington, maybe that won't help too much after all.

You might notice that this entry's title is Kalin Lucas. That's because it's the first entry and Kalin Lucas, the point guard for the Michigan State basketball team, is jersey number one. That's how I'll be titling these - chronologically random jersey numbers of players with some random statistics and facts about them. Eventually, they'll be more relevant to recent events but for now I'll start with my favorite player on my favorite team. Anyway, some stats and facts : Lucas is the senior starting point guard, averaging 14.4 ppg and 3.6 apg. He's coming back from an achilles heel injury and he stuttered when he was a kid.

Things to watch: The most obvious would be the National Championship game between Auburn and Oregon on the 10th. It'll be interesting to see Cam Newton play. I'm hoping for some creative chant about cheating other than just saying, "Cheater." I'd suggest something, but I'm not that creative, which is why I'm hoping the fans at the game will do come up with some for me. Something else to watch: This guy. If you like him, you could listen to him during the Cleveland Cavaliers games, since they just offered him a job (they're probably hoping Cavalier fans will tune in to hear him and forget about how bad their team is playing).

Until next time,
The Sports Nerd

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